So this is a play gym I made for Baloo since I didn't want to shell out a couple hundred and honestly, I don't think he minds as long as there are alot of jangles! I posted the process even though its pretty basic ....

1. We cut a semi-large branch from a tree and cut off all the leaves and excess branches (make sure the tree is non-toxic). I then washed it with soapy water and cut it in half. 

 2. I arranged them in the position I liked and marked with a sharpie where they were to join in the middle. Make sure the points that you will be drilling are thick enough so the wood doesnt split.

3. In the smaller branch ends I twisted in these little loop screws to hang toys from.


 4. I drilled holes and put these larger open hook ends on the opposite ends of the largest branch so that I could hook the chain through and hang it from the ceiling.

5. This is what it looked like when we initially hung it through a #8 loop hook from the ceiling . I added the rope  too to add more foot space :)

6. I also put 3 of the small loop hooks in the ceiling and tied it with tweed to change the shape of it and make it look a little more appealing, this is just something I did and is not necessary but i like to think it gives it more support as well.

This is what it looked like once I put some of his toys on it, looked a litle mish-mashed  but he likes it and Im not the one who is going to be climbing around on it. It still needs more toys but Im still in the process of making them which takes longer than you would think! Coconuts do not like to be drilled into!

                      Lovin it! <3

Birdy Sweater
I found this idea on Best Friends for their birds and tweaked it a litle for smaller birds.

1. christmas sock from target, $1 whoop whoop!

2. Cut off the heel , this is where the wings come through

3. cut off the toe at a slant, the feet come out,this way there is still some fabric on top of his bum; also i cut the elastic part of the top so it wouldnt choke him.

Front angle


I added the button so he can chew something and rolled the collar to create a turtle neck. Aint I perdy? n warm too!

booty angle

Tickle angle